Apple plans to launch the service broadcast TV content next year

آبل تخطط لإطلاق خدمة بث تلفزيوني العام المقبل

According to a report from website The Information that Apple will be launching a service to broadcast TV subscription-based on similar work Services Amazon Prime and pluck Deluxe, where going in the first half of next year will be the beginning exclusively on the United States before the to be launched within a few months to more than 100 other countries.

According to the report, the service will include content of the new Apple TV in addition to miss with the content licensed to third party companies in the time allotted by Apple$ 1 billion in 2018 alone to make your content and purchase offers also, and maybe the service works the application of new solo, or via the TV application app by The Information.

It seems that the maker of the iPhone sees itself as ready now to fight the new competition with companies providing video services and television broadcasts, the income of this board that as long as sought him strongly, where many of the contract conditions of the content exclusive like by several decades with the introduction of the programs of the famous Oprah Winfrey to develop a new show as well as its efforts in providing new versions of the movies and series of diverse programmes for children also.

Come the launch of the service of Apple will increase competition between Amazon and pluck the Deluxe in particular in this area, which perhaps we are witnessing the compete also on the price of subscriptions as well as for the community to provide new content will be community yard options in front of consumers.

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