Apple plans to rely on the BOE in the supply of OLED screens for the iPhone in 2020

In a new report published via the Nikkei in Japan, it was pointed out that Apple is working on a study of the shift to count on the company BOE in the supply of OLED screens to reach a decision at the end of this year.

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It seems that Apple is on its way to change the source of OLEDs Flex phones the iPhone, which came often from the Giants of Korea, Samsung along with LG, to get through the coming period to rely on to get tea from China through the company BOE.

The report, which was published via Nikkei that Apple will be to read in the source of the OLED screens at the end of this year, where the company conducts different tests on the screen to make sure the efficiency of the manufacture of this category, with the aim of supporting phones and the iPhone in 2020, as the report added that the BOE provide OLEDs at a price less than Samsung by 20%.

I have confirmed a lot of the previous leaks on the willingness of Apple to rely on more than one supplier for screens OLED, with Samsung the main supplier for this category of screens at the current time, which might cause damage to buy Apple as a result of approval full-on competitor in the smartphone market.


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