Apple possesses a secret facility to test the security processors for iPhone

Reported by the news report that the company Apple owns a secret facility in which to work on stringent testing to ensure the safety of processors for phones and iPhone for the future.

I heard the American company for some journalists to see selected parts of the facility which she said she use to make processors, and other components for mobile devices more secure against potential attacks.

The facility is located somewhere near the company’s headquarters “Apple Park” Apple Park, they vary constantly, hundreds of ingredients, which all made for Apple products of the future, by subjecting them first to extreme changes in temperature.

Dissemination of the report – which revealed the property of speed – the British newspaper The Independent, which said: “the goal (of tests change of temperature) is whether the chip will work as it should in this kind of scenarios severe”.

The newspaper wrote that it may seem unlikely that with respect to any ordinary phone for such conditions, because it is not contained that one uses his phone in the environment of chilling at 40 degrees below zero, or rises to 110 degrees Celsius. But the fear that you can actors bad than stealing users ‘ data in such circumstances.

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Using the results of this property, the Apple may decide to make improvements on the processors to ensure its security. According to the newspaper, the processors being tested now may not reach the market only after years.


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