Apple probably know about the monthly subscription service for games in the next conference

آبل ربما تعلن عن خدمة اشتراك شهرية للألعاب في مؤتمرها القادم

Apple announced updates to its various organs during the past period to make the conference centered around new services to be provided by for the first time, to learn about the subscription service News gathered a large number of media and press institutions, as well as the broadcast service content, entertaining video as offered by Netflix, and perhaps other service care of the stock market.

But according to the site of the Cheddar, and Paul probably add another service of its at the conference and for the monthly subscription service for games on the iOS system, so they are able to enjoy several games at once within the clash of comprehensive unified. Will Games Available in the service is of the games that require a subscription as part of its core; in the sense that games such as building a forest will not be available within the subscription, especially that it be free within its Package Basic.

Since Apple began to find it more difficult in the smartphone market due to new companies, such as Huawei share, the focus has become too large to services that would raise the income of the company of the existence of a large base of users of their systems.

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