Apple probably think of the property brought Face ID’s computers MacBook and iMac future

MacBook Pro 13 2019

While the use of the sensor fingerprint Touch ID on iPhones, iPads and iPad for several years, it took Apple some time to bring this technique also to computers MacBook own. Turned Apple later to face recognition technology, Face ID, so we believe that we should not be surprised in case if you decide to Apple to bring this technology to the computers own also.

It turns out that this is something to look forward to Apple, or at least that’s what is proposed by the patent was discovered recently. According to the patent this which was discovered by Apple Insider, it appears that Apple is targeting the idea to embed the face recognition technology Face ID in computers, such as computers and MacBook portable computers, iMac desktop.

According to the description of the patent, the talking Apple about how to contain the computers own sensitive information, to protect such information from unauthorized users, you should place security measures. I don’t remember the patent plainly recognize the face, but talking about a system that can discover patterns based on the light emitted is reflected on an object, such as a user.

It remains to be seen whether the patent this will become real or not, but for to to computers, MacBook and iMac come with cameras built-in web, you will not be difficult to think that there could be for Apple to include a holographic camera TrueDepth responsible for the operation property of the Face ID in the computers of the future.

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