Apple proposes 13 “image” new to express with special abilities

Suggested the the Apple Apple symbols expressive of the New, which displays the page emoji, fit with special abilities of people with disabilities, in the request submitted by the day the company American giant to the Unicode Consortium the Unicode Consortium.

Wrote Apple in its report: “asking Apple to add emoji to represent individuals with disabilities better. Offer emoji is currently a wide range of options, but they do not represent the experiences of persons with disabilities”.

The package includes IEEE new symbols expressive fit hearing impaired persons on the wheelchairs and also the guide dog for the visually impaired and others about prosthetics, which number 13 a symbol expressive of a new Apple says it is just the beginning towards more of emoji similar.

And Unicode is a non-profit organization working to coordinate and organize the development work for Unicode, according to the Encyclopedia Wikipedia, which seeks to compensate for all the code symbols of the common system of the world, meets a great demand in the information systems of modern developers.

It is planned to hold a meeting of the Technical Committee in Unicode, next month, where a trading member about this emoji, and if approved will be included in the brief list of symbols expressive of the candidate, and the issuance during the first half of 2019.

At the same time, it has been completed from the list of emoji 2018, it is estimated that up these symbols to the mobile platforms for the major during the second half of this year.

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