Apple provides repair or replacement keyboard smart for iPad Pro

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آبل تقدم خدمة إصلاح أو استبدال لوحات مفاتيح سمارت لأجهزة آيباد برو

Apple launched a new program to replace the keyboards smart or fixed for free for three years. Choose the programme of reform the first part of the keyboard smart for iPad Pro. In order to treat some of the problems encountered by customers when using their product.

Can now customers version of the first generation of keyboards and smart device tablet for 9.7 inch to a 12.9-inch, which is used as an optional extra for an iPad Pro, take advantage of repair services keyboard free of charge or replaced if any of the following defects:

  • There is a problem in the magnetic field sensing device
  • Adhesion keyboard
  • The repeat command is executed when the button is pressed or not in response to button it.
  • The presence of disturbances in the Connections Data

In general, come keyboard Smart with a warranty for a year which ended in the RAID for the majority of customers Pro.

It is noteworthy that Apple had launched a similar program last year. It aims at satisfaction of its customers and reform of the regular adult price $ 149 or $ 169 depending on the size of the painting.

Although the TABLET IPAD Pro works perfect without verse extensions, except that the company since the start of the release it has been hyped as an alternative to a laptop, promoted very much to its accessories which include keyboard, smart pen, Apple that is priced 99$. Maybe the company was aiming through it to marketing products as a strong Competitor for Windows tablet like a Surface Pro of Microsoft.

Apple provides repair or replacement keyboard smart for iPad Pro

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