Apple put LG on the list of suppliers for screens OLED iPhone

آبل تضع إل جي على لائحة المزودين لشاشات OLED لهواتف آيفون

No doubt that the conflict between Samsung and Apple on top of smart phone sales is not reflected on the relationship the two companies business, as the Korean company is the only provider for the iPhone X as well as Xs XS Max, especially it works screen OLED high precision and quality, and the fact that Samsung is the best source globally, which is what makes them turn away how she wanted.

But apparently, Apple found an alternative competitor to Samsung, where they will begin to rely on the screens of their counterparts in other LG, which met the tests and standards that are required by Apple in the screen by having previously suffered from it, which is what made Samsung remains the only company to provide iPhones to the network.

It was the beginning of the news about the Apple company, LG, has appeared in the last July, which is confirmed by a new report from Korea.

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