Apple raise doubt about the service of its new Apple News.. Do you compete with Facebook?!

Going to the company “Apple” Apple to launch subscription service News paid “Apple News” Apple News, in March 25th next, will focus on the news sector.

He said representatives of the company Apple that the subscription service can be priced at about ten dollars per month, but the final price is adjustable, which raised questions of experts of Information Technology, where the curious to match Apple taking half of the proceeds to the news service, with that they impose on application developers a transaction fee of 30% of gross revenues for apps sold on the store.

As the launch of Apple News in the next March, putting the company “Apple” in Replace of the doubt, especially as announced by the on put tablet the “iPad mini” iPad Mini headphones AirPower AirPods soon.

Others described this service as new evidence that Apple is looking for services that raise the rate of income is low, perhaps because they failed in the production of devices of the previous three, though succeeded and in its declaration, so why choose the world of apps and services news, it is better like to announce the issuance of its new out-competing companies phones.

As a subscription service newsletter, is not a new service, you probably won’t enjoy the Apple to present it in a seasoned such as Google apps, competent, and guessed others that Apple is trying to hit Facebook, after Mark announced the company partnership with the French agency to determine the credibility of the news that are traded on its platform.

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