Apple raise the limit to download from the App Store through the data to 200 MB

The person may be forced sometimes to download app or update from the Apple App Store on the iPhone via the data and not the wireless network, and make your Apple TV a maximum of the size of the exchange data you can’t exceed, this limit now 200 MB only!.

It may be 200 MB number is relatively small, but the lift came the need to increase the sizes of the apps and speed of communication, especially through the fourth generation. The beginning this limit was 10 MB and then doubled it to 20 then 50 then 100 and more recently 150 MB before to increase it now to 200 MB.

The biggest problem in the Apple App Store that if the download size exceeds the maximum there is no mechanism to bypass it and allow the download via data, therefore, will not be able to download even connect through a wireless network.

The most affected here has the data plan is large or unlimited, fast and you will not be able to invest optimally and download applications and games across them, as long as its size is larger than 200 MB.

It is worth noting that this limit applies to the compressed version of the app, so if the size of the download after decompressing a little bit higher than the limit, such as 240 MB, the will be able to download it via data.

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