Apple ” ready to ship ” new models of the iMac, according to a new report

Apple iMac

While Apple updates the laptops own to provide around a tenth of Intel processors, only that the computers, the iMac hasn’t been updated until now, and still makes the best current use of the ninth generation of Intel processors. However, in case if you are hoping to see Apple update the lineup of iMac soon, it may be lucky because Jon Prosser revealed to us recently that Apple is preparing to launch new models of the iMac.

According to tweets Jon Prosser on the Twitter network, it appears that Apple’s new models of the iMac is apparently ” ready to drink “. It is not clear when will be announced for these models, but since they are ” ready“, it is likely to happen in the near future.

At the moment, we are not sure of the type of changes that will be coming out by computers, iMac new, but there is a good chance that is provide around a tenth of Intel to say the least. We’ve heard rumors that Apple plans to make ” significant ” changes to the iMac this year, but we’re not sure if the tweet Jon Prosser refers to it or is it just a simple update to the gear.

It was rumored in the past that Apple might be considering to submit a copy of the 23-inch iMac, which may replace the version to 21 inches, which frequency they would have the same dimensions except it will on a larger screen thanks to the shrink frame surrounding it. Generally, please handle with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but we hope to have Apple nothing official to announce about it soon.

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