Apple really need augmented reality and

A year ago, called the Apple company iPhone, but things have changed. IPhone sales in 2019 fiscal year brought the company a total 52% of revenues. That the main thing now is services know everything, but that’s not true. There is another direction, the prospects of which still is not appreciated, but in the near future everything can change. Or perhaps has already begun. The rate for services, officially announced by Apple, it may be a red herring.

Apple really makes augmented reality glasses?

Services important for the company, they will bring a huge income, those which are designed exclusively for the Apple ecosystem will help Apple sell more devices included in it – and without it almost half a billion in the world – but this is not a revolution. According to analysts, the services can bring to Apple a quarter of its total income, with a maximum of one-third. In the long term. What are they distracting?

The direction that I think is undervalued and in which something is obviously going on, in the quarterly reports of the company more recently has been included in the category “Other”. For those who spend their time in the knowledge of useless truths, the fine print in the footnote cited explanation: “Wearables, Accessories, etc.” – “Carry products, accessories, etc.” In 2019, the category “Other” did not, now it is “Wearables, Home, Accessories”. “Home” is, apparently, HomePod and Apple TV. The rest is the Apple Watch, wired and wireless headphones, various adapters, cables and adapters. Share all of this in the Apple growing even faster than the share of services. Don’t believe?

The dynamics of revenue from services over the last few years

Here, for comparison, the dynamics of income “Wearables and things” for the same years

The rapid growth of income in this area, according to analysts (and judging by the hints of Apple) brought Apple Watch and Apple AirPods. In the 2014-2015 jony Ive was depressed due to obvious for him the failure of the Apple Watch, which, although occupied a leading position in its market segment, but their sales were much smaller than expected. Something not taken into account, something I hoped in vain – but it surprised me not that. Imagine what would happen if their plan was implemented in full at once? There is reason to believe that soon Wearables (Wearable devices) is highlighted in a separate section, especially because this topic is expected addition. In 2020 or 2021.

Why Apple augmented reality

Augmented reality on the iPhone XS

In 2017 Apple ARKit framework (library) to make it easier for creators of software for Apple operating systems work with “augmented reality.” According to the old and good tradition, the Apple was in no hurry to get involved in this very interesting and promising work, believing that to show off in this area until there was no way. Some developers have invaded the area at your own risk. In the past decade this direction have already borne fruit, in military and medical technology “augmented reality” was used extensively, and in 2012, Google introduced the world to Google Glass. Software developers got to these access points in 2013, in 2014 they entered the mass market in 2015, their production is “in its current form” was discontinued. The story of Google Glass had continued, but as the resource which I write still not AndroidInsider (although these guys have Telegram chat), back to Apple.

Although ARKit and refers to “products” not all (software products also product), it is much reported to the General public. It was obvious that the company engaged in AR, and in 2017 in the media appeared information about what the release of the headset to work with augmented reality from Apple not far off, journalists have appointed it to September 2017, but Apple didn’t listen to them. Instead, in 2018 and 2019 released a new version of the ARKit, the software that uses these features did incredible, all of it is readily shown during the public events of the company – but it looks like headset for all this, Apple still did not work. Now it is known that such work is underway in the Apple for several years.

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Outside Apple attempt to create a headset with support for augmented reality there have been several, but neither one of them can be considered successful. Headset the road, their options are limited, they are suspected of causing harm (which, according to their manufacturers, it was addressed and resolved). A statement of the current situation in this area is very similar to the Preface to the presentation of the shocking and “world’s best headset for augmented reality from Apple” on any special event in 2020. Naturally, this presentation will be broadcast to the whole world, of course on the next creation of the inhabitants of the glass house will fall skepticism and criticism. That will then you more or less know. Maybe it will happen in 2021, but renowned analyst Ming Chi-Kuo believes that it should happen in the next year.

Who is Kim Vorrath

If this happened in the days of Steve jobs, the list of jobs already have many positions for security professionals and for managers of such services. It is known who heads a top-secret project to create this “AR headset from Apple”, it’s Rick Rockwell directly subordinate to the senior Vice-President Apple of hardware Dan Riccio (SVP produced in the summer of 2012, along with Craig Federighi). But that’s not all – that this team moved Kim Vorrath, a veteran of Apple, nicknamed “the field Marshal explosive in software development” and “exterminator of bugs”. Now she will lead the software part of the group AR/VR, reporting directly to Rick Rockwell.

“Explosive field Marshal in software development”

Kim has 15 years working at Apple in 2007, at the height of the battle for the operating system of the iPhone it is so “took” one of the developers that he locked her in the secret office and went home. Scott Forstall to release Kim had to use a baseball bat. The fate of the angry unknown developer and programmers group “AR headset” will soon meet Kim Vorrath and its control methods. Outside of an Apple has become famous and the reaction is not called a participant of this project on the prediction of Ming Chi-Kuo on the output of the AR headset in 2020 “at the appointed time can not meet, most likely before 2021, this will not happen.”

In 2020 or 2021 is likely to AR headset from Apple to be announced. If they know what it really wants the market this product, and a price that will not hurt his popularity, in the category “Wearables, Home, Accessories”, or in a separate, not-yet-existing category “Wearables”, there will be another bestseller. With AirPods guess Watch, though not immediately, but also found a way into the hearts of millions – why not?

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