Apple regarding a donation for the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame that you burn a huge recently in France

Apple Company

On Monday night last, about the whole world his eyes to the French capital Paris, where they caught fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. After you know the amount of major damage and collapse a large part, has pledged a lot of companies donate millions to rebuild this historic cathedral. Now the Apple CEO, Mr. Tim Cook’s turn to publish a tweet promised that Apple will assist in financing reconstruction efforts.

Did not disclose Mr. Tim Cook about the amount of money you intend to donate and whether its contribution would be material. The company can provide also professional engineers in mapping three-dimensional buildings and those who worked to improve the mapping service Apple Maps since its launch several years ago. Until now, the collection of more than 600 million euros in commitments of French companies such as L’oreal and Total, and also owners of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci and YSL, in addition to a group of shareholders small.

Although Apple has not clarified after the comments of its CEO, but it is the first company to non-French major you know about her will help in the restoration work. I sold Apple already has a ” culture of giving ” earlier this year. By the year 2018, the company made a similar amount for every donation made by their staff, gathered in the end up to $ 125 million to deliver this amount at the end of institutions and organizations all over the world.


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