Apple registered a patent for Face ID built-in to the smart watch Apple Watch

Apple Watch

At present, it is the smart watch Apple Watch authenticate on the wearer through contact with the skin. This means that the authentication process is as long as it was committed to the skin of the user, and this in turn means that the removal of the previous on your wrist means having to re-authenticate again, this is a process that can be a bit boring.

But in the patent was discovered recently by the operators of the site Patently Apple, it seems that Apple is targeting the idea of supplying smart watch Apple Watch with face recognition Face ID. And for those who have not heard about this property before, it is a security feature new facial recognition appeared for the first time with the phone iPhone X. it is expected to find this feature its way to the tablet the iPad, so it will not be easy to think that it might find its way into more Apple products, such as smart watch Apple Watch.

What makes this patent interesting is that according to Patently Apple, he believes that Apple has registered this patent while he was still working on the feature Face ID because the Apple refers to this feature in the patent in the name of the ” user defined“, probably to prevent the diversion of Face ID. And, apparently, has made Apple to get the patent of this in the year 2016, this means that it is not patented very old.

However, given that they are still patented, it is difficult to know whether Apple will analyze them to the fact. Is sometimes offer the patents to protect intellectual property and ideas, so it remains to be seen whether Apple simply protecting itself or whether this patent exemplifies one of the features of the future that will be released to the Apple Watch, but what do you think, do you like the idea of seeing the Apple Watch with the characteristic facial recognition Face ID?


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