Apple released macOS 10.15.2 beta 2 for developers

Why do we need the beta updates? As a rule, thanks to them, developers reveal various flaws and correct them to release build update went stable as possible. But it is common to developers, to whom Apple obviously do not belong. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that they alternate weekly fresh version of the OS with the test, but neither they nor others are not very stable, and then delivering users a variety of inconveniences?

macOS 10.15.2 – for the fourth update, which is coming out for macOS Catalina this fall

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For example, today Apple released the second beta of macOS 10.15.2 Catalina. It’s already available for download to owners of compatible Macs that have the status of registered developers. Despite the fact that this is the second update macOS Catalina, changing the sequence number of the operating system, in fact, it is the fourth. The first two updates had a status of small patches, and therefore change only the build number but not the OS itself.

What’s new in macOS 10.15.2

Description macOS 10.15.2 contains no mention of any innovations. It is standard practice for Apple, but it is possible that the update is aimed solely at eliminating different kinds of flaws and vulnerabilities, which are filled with the latest operating systems. But, in fairness, need to pay tribute to Catalina macOS. Unlike iOS 13, it does not suffer from so many bugs that interfere with comfortable use of the updated devices.

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However, to call macOS Catalina absolutely trouble free update do not turn the language. Due to the fact that in this version Apple dropping support for 32-bit software, many users began to complain that the applications they’ve used for many years, is simply no longer supported by their computers. But if the small utilities like a calendar or calculator, you can find a replacement, the plugins Photoshop that too stopped working after update, nothing to replace.

When will the macOS 10.15.2

Most likely, macOS 10.15.2 13.3 corresponds to the iOS, which Apple also leads in the moment. This means that their releases will probably take place at approximately the same time. Despite the fact that the exact release date of updates is not yet known, most likely, they will be available for download around mid-December. In any case, given how little time Apple spends on test the fresh versions of the OS lately, there is a high probability that testing will last a maximum of two to three weeks.

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