Apple released the second beta of iOS 12.4 support Card Apple

Apple taught us that there is nothing wrong with predictability. It not only allows us to build quite accurate predictions about an upcoming event, but also contributes to the preservation of nerve cells, without having to rush in the dark from one conjecture to another. So when something goes wrong, as we used to, we inevitably start to worry. For example, if beta updates proprietary operating systems Apple start to go every week.

Today, may 20, Apple released the second beta of iOS 12.4. It happened just a week after the release of debut build, despite the fact that the standard interval between the releases of beta versions in the early stages of testing is two weeks. Rate of increase may indicate that Cupertino intentionally want to shorten the time before the release, which can be expected in the first week of June.

What’s new in iOS 12.4

The main innovation iOS 12.4 is to support the Apple Card. This is both a digital service to monitor expenses and Bank card, which can be both virtual and physical. Edition and that and the other is via the Wallet app, however, to order Titan Apple Card can only residents of the countries where Apple Pay is still not working. It is designed to act as the most secure payment method, which is Apple Pay.

According to industry sources, Apple has already sent out a few Titan Apple Card to its employees from different countries of the world. This card is characterized in that it carries no number or signature and its binding to the iPhone is produced using the same methodology as AirPods. Simply bring the card to the iPhone, as the screen will display a characteristic animation, and the Apple Card will appear instantly in the Wallet app.

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