Apple releases second beta version of iOS 13.2 – what’s new?

Launched Apple second beta version of the update iOS system 13.2 expected to launch soon. There are many changes that these women we highlighted in this article.

آبل تطلق النسخة التجريبية الثانية من iOS 13.2 - ما الجديد؟

The option to rearrange applications

Apple modifies the name of this option is that it shows up when prolonged pressure on any of the applications to become a “Edit home screen” “Edit Home Screen” instead of to arrange applications “select rearrange Apps”.

iOS 13 Beta 2

The option to delete the app

Also when you long press on any of the applications you will find a new option in the pop-up menu to delete the app directly from them.

iOS 13 Beta 2

Smilies new

The iOS update 13.2 supports Unicode Unicode 12, which adds The Many Faces of Expressionism as we see in the attached picture. Also you can choose more than color of skin in anime that contain two people.

iOS 13 Beta 2

New options in Siri

After the update to iOS 13.2 and running Siri for the first time will find a letter you can give to share your private data Psiri with Apple TV or continue to do so (recommend that you disable this option).

In Settings, Siri will also find the option to delete the records of Siri write your own existing on the servers of Apple TV Delete Siri and Dictation history.

خيارات جديدة في سيري

Video recording

When recording video on the iPhone 11 will find the option of the top of the screen to the quality of the video and the number of frames per second FPS can be checked every option on the modern and independent from the other.

تسجيل الفيديو

Either to see the new additions in the beta version the initial visit the article below: iOS 13.2 Beta 1

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