Apple releases the second beta of iOS 12 for all users

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آبل تطلق الإصدار التجريبي الثالث من iOS 12 لجميع المستخدمين

The Company issued Apple a second beta version of its Windows operating my next iOS iOS 12 for all users, as part of the pilot program year, this means that it can now all users of iPhone, computers, iPad tablet and install the upgraded version of the iOS operating system 12, with reference to that this version is still experimental, which means the possibility of some problems such as loss of data, applications, pictures, or notes, or messages, So that should be before installing the demo version to take a backup of your device via iCloud iCloud or via your computer using iTunes iTunes.

The demo versions are useful at the present time for those interested to get a glimpse of the future of the operating system, so you can download this demo version on any device iPhone or computer the iPad is supported, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE and iPhone 5s, is supposed to issue the final version of the operating system by the month of September, Which means that Apple is moving to put trial versions every few weeks during the summer.

This is the demo version two weeks after the company floated the demo version of the second, so that they include the current ratio, which is the fourth beta version for developers, the improvements on performance, especially for older devices, so that they must, for example, to see a big improvement when it comes to running apps and cameras in case you have your iPhone 6 or iPad Air, along with contained in the key features again to help you spend less time using the phone.

Adds the system a new feature called “screen time” Screen Time, which is the water allocated to the The amount of time you spend using each application and to control it, as it is now a compilation of notifications and alerts, so that you can get off through the lock screen, and you can also run Put a “do not disturb” Do Not Disturb for a few hours or longer.

And didn’t stop Apple at this point, but added new features, so the developer can take advantage of the new file format augmented reality and new features in the platform ARKit 2.0, and launched the company manufacturer of the iPhone application Workflow under the name of a new application called tests Siri Siri Shortcuts, you will be able to developers to add information to Siri too, so you can add boarding pass or the Run menu music to Siri.

The company worked on improving the audio apps, news, stocks, in addition to the books app Apple Books, which was formerly known as iBooks, it also made Apple the advantage of time Memoji on her phone flagship iPhone X, which is about personalized photo custom similar anti Animoji can be used to represent you in iMessage and FaceTime FaceTime.

And the improvement of Siri, where he became smarter and able to provide different information, and Apple TV later this year to launch application shortcuts to Siri so you can create your choices, while internal improvements to the system to make the iPhone faster and more responsive with regard to everyday tasks, with the possibility of running the camera faster by 70 percent, forming the keyboard faster by 50 percent compared with the previous.

Includes iOS operating system 12 maps have been redone using a new maps designed by Apple, which enabled the company at present in Northern California only, with promises of access to additional locations across the United States in late 2018 and 2019, and displays the maps app, the redesigned forest, swimming pools, buildings and walking paths and the elements of the map to the other with greater accuracy, it also provides improvements regarding the location of construction traffic and road conditions in real-time.

It should be noted that the pilot program the year of Apple TV allows users to non-registered developers to test beta versions of the operating systems iOS and tvOS and MacOS free, so that it includes these versions have new features that are supposed to skyrocket for all users later.

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