Apple releases the sixth generation of iPod touch

Apple announced hours ago for the previous generation of your iPod touch. IPod which was a request almost a year, introduced in 2007 then 2008 then 2009 then 2010 then 2012 and then disappeared 3 years to be launched the previous generation in July 2015 and are Apple remember the iPod and the second generation, after an absence of 4 years. What’s new in this version.

أبل تصدر الجيل السابع من الآي بود تاتش

It is known that iPod is a version Lite of the iPhone which offers the advantages of close to him without the connection property at a price very special. The new version did not produce any difference in the design where it comes with the same dimensions and the 4-inch screen and light weight very 88 grams. But with the improvement in the performance and these are the changes:

◉ Provide A10 processor is the same processor found in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. (The previous generation A8 processor your iDevice iPhone 6).

◉ Support of virtual reality technologies en.

◉ Support Talks video Tai customs.

◉ Provide a copy of 256GB.

The price of iPod Touch is 199$ for 32 GB and$ 299 for the proportion of 128 GB and 399$ for the proportion of 256 GB. It is available now in Apple stores around the world. And also in the App Store UAE prices AED 849 for the 32 and AED 1269 ratio of 128 GB and 1689 AED ratio of 256 GB.

The state is expected where the iPod is:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Who is the client of the iPod Touch is?

Maybe it seems strange now to see a device call processor of the iPhone 7 but you should find out from the target audience of the iPod touch:

User Android: available in the Apple Store games, books and apps exclusive; you may be a doctor there are apps that important to you, available exclusively on iOS at the same time don’t want to get the iPhone and pay a thousand dollars. IPod offers you the same software store and books and phonics games Arcade vs the price starts from 200$.

Client music: this is who know his Apple classified iPod device music. IPod will prevent the client access to follow iTunes.

Children: sometimes he wants to Father Your Child provides games and apps Apple does not want the possibility of making phone calls. At the same time speaking of his computer watching what your son is doing with his cross-feature Screen Time Screen Time.

Augmented reality AR: iPod, the new feature supports augmented reality, so you can access games and applications it cost less than buying iPhone New If your old device doesn’t support it.

Have you ever tried an iPod Touch is? And what do you think of the new version and advises you to acquire it?



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