Apple removes apps with the function of monitoring time. Why?

Along with the release of iOS 12, Apple introduced the function of “Screen time”. The idea was very simple was, in fact, on the surface – with this option users have the ability to control the time that they spent on certain apps, as well as total time spent with the gadgets. However, applications with similar functionality were present in the App Store before the announcement of iOS 12. However, with the release of the public version, their number is considerably diminished, Apple began to remove programs with similar themes.

As reported by the authoritative edition of New York Times only last year, the company has removed or limited the work of 11 of the 17 most popular apps of this type. Initially, the Corporation sent out to publishers warning, with the requirement to remove certain options from the app. In some cases, Apple has neglected this rule and was just withdrawn the program from the App Store.

According to one of the affected developers, Apple intentionally goes to such measures as applications with similar themes are a threat to the company.

Apple just removed our app, without any alerts or notifications, claims Amir Musavian Creator application OurPact, one of the most popular applications to monitor the time.

The publication stresses that the restrictions from Apple intensified after the function of “Screen time” debuted on all devices with iOS 12 on Board.

However, Apple itself has vigorously denied such allegations:

“We treat all applications equally, including those that compete with our own services,” the statements of the press Secretary Apple Tammy Levin.

According to the company, such restrictive measures were associated with the fact that the programs gathered “too much information from users ‘devices”. And it absolutely has nothing to do with the built-in function of “Screen time”.

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