Apple replaced the 11 million battery for iPhone in the year 2018

iPhone Battery

Over the past year, Apple has launched a new programme allows customers to replace batteries phones iPhone their own compared to 29 USD. Has Apple launched this program as a way of company to apologize for its deliberate to slow down the processor speed in the iPhone without notifying its users in advance. As has been already mentioned, that the program allowed users to replace batteries phones iPhone their vs 29 USD note that Apple was asking $ 80 dollars for this service, and therefore it is not surprising to see many customers decide to take advantage of this offer.

No doubt you now ask how many clients who take advantage of this offer? Well, according to a new report released recently from the site Daring Fireball, it seems that Apple has switched up to 11 million cards in 2018. In the past years before you launched this show, it was Apple you switched from 1 to 2 million cards a year. In line with this, it has emphasized the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook recently that the programme of replacement batteries versus 29 USD was among the reasons that led to the decrease of the demand on the phones iPhone New.

This is logical, especially when you look at the fact that the majority of users they will pay $ 29 dollars to replace the batteries iPhones of their own to look like New. Given that batteries degrade over time, we envision that there are most likely many iPhone users 6 who were suffering from short battery life-lasting, so pay 29 $ to get the battery lasting longer during the day, it would be better than paying $ 1000 to get the iPhone New.

Given that the display replacement battery vs. 29 USD it’s over now, it seems to be seen whether sales of the iPhone will be better in the year 2019, although the payment of 79 USD to replace the battery, still offer more enticing than paying $ 1000 to get the iPhone New.

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