Apple request 160 new engineer to improve the intelligence of Siri

سيري iOS 11

سيري iOS 11

When it comes to Intelligence, the industry, the Siri remains apart from the competition compared to the alexa or the assistant Google, this is what you want Apple to change it especially that Siri has been available in the HomePod and Mac also.

Over the past few months, Apple announced 161 jobs end of the assessment we have at the end of the month, and common in all of these jobs that the staff will work on the project Siri.

Most of the new jobs required need engineers to work on improving the possibilities of AI in Siri to be able to the company of good competition in this new war.

And Apple engineers to work on the minute details that constitute the image of the new assistant Siri, there are those who will solve the problems of the “general knowledge” what is the information that can be Siri to provide it, among their other will work on IQ, any that knows Siri what information that you may need to make its request, and from there will improve the capabilities of Siri in the voice command recognition also.

Of course there will be a need for quite so results show new employees on Siri, and surely the rest will not stand idly by, so in front of the Apple’s a lot of work to be Siri voice assistant befits the reputation of the company.


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