Apple requests Samsung pay $ 1 million as compensation for damages

apple vs samsung

Has Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for the first time due to the violation of patents in the year 2011. No longer the hardware that filed the lawsuit against available for sale, however kept the case since then, but the lawsuits have been filed by both companies. Has been deciding the case in favour of Apple in the year 2012 and received compensation totaling 1.05 million USD. Viewer Samsung building, and now living on the amount owed to Apple today began so that began the re-trial of this and asked Apple $ 1 billion USD in damages from its rival South Korean.

Don’t refute Samsung the fact that it has violated patents belonging to Apple, but instead of asking the latter for $ 1 billion USD as compensation, they are requesting the penalty is much less of up to pay 28 million US dollars only in compensation for damages.

The lawyer said the company Apple, Mr. Bill Lee that Samsung made a profit of approximately billion USD of violation of patents of the design of Apple, but Samsung says it should only pay the value of the patent specified that the break is not profit full of hardware that has sold.

This figure, according to Samsung $ 28 million USD. He said the lawyer of Samsung, Mr. John Quinn in court that Apple seeks to obtain the profits of the entire phone and patent your company โ€ leanโ€œ, stressing that the award should be limited to the specific ingredients of those devices that have proven they violate the patents of Apple.

Will continue this issue for the next few months, will be watching the media closely monitor this issue to see the final verdict to be issued by the court in this case that has preoccupied public opinion for many years.

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