Apple required app developers to cancel analytics screen or notify users in advance

The face of the company Apple official warning for application developers to delete the abolition of the analytics screen from the Apps store of iOS, or to inform users of the existence of such transfers in advance before the police take action to delete the app from the iOS App Store.

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Use the wave apps and sites that use the interfaces of the analytical safety of users without notifying them at the beginning or to get their consent, where the detection site TechCrunch about the code in some common applications in the iOS App Store work on the recording of user behavior on the screen from scrolling on the screen, to complete registration of the company.

These are used for applications and services analytics professional working on the transfer of data on the safety of the user in the use of the phone’s screen from clicking, scrolling to complete registration of the company without the user is notified, and has responded to Apple is quick to ban such transfers from the interface of software applications before you take action to delete the app from the iOS App Store.

This is a breakthrough of a new convention on privacy that are approved by the app developers to protect user data, so Apple’s choice is the last developers to attach the indicator in red clear for users to facilitate these transfers to obtain explicit consent from users before embarking on these analyses.

Recall that the application developers Glassbox are the first parties that responded to the official on the use of analytical services, where she stressed that this data is not shared with other parties, and noted that the app is committed to the protection of the privacy of users, where data is encrypted, which is recorded to be safe and fully according to the statements of the developers of the app.


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