Apple respond to another expert from Samsung to oversee the task of developing the batteries in the company

iPhone Battery

The efforts made by Apple in the aspect of batteries the iPhone wasn’t big, or at least I don’t feel it because the battery life in smart phones is still on the case it almost. But according to a new report released recently from the news agency poor, it appears that Apple looks to strengthen its efforts in the sector of batteries by employing another expert in this field.

In fact, he explained that the report that Apple hired Mr. Soonho Ahn, who previously worked in the Department of batteries in Samsung Note It will now serves as president of the Global Development Department of the batteries in the Apple. It is not clear what Mr. Soonho Ahn now in the Apple and whether its work will be dedicated to iPhones, or whether it will be on the development of batteries in general to improve battery life in various Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad and MacBook and Apple Watch and AirPods and other devices.

As explained by the report of Bloomberg, it has lost to Apple that has purchased products from Samsung SDI in the past, but as is always the case, but Apple usually prefer to rely on itself wherever possible, we have heard recently that they realize the design of modem 5G, as she did also the establishment of The Wizard’s own graphics made for the iPad Pro 2018 New.

There were some rumors that pointed out that Khalifa phone iPhone XS Max, which is likely to arrive in the second half of this year will have a battery larger than 4000mAh, but it is still not clear whether this is thanks to the work of Soonho Ahn or not, but either way we are sure that this is available to all iPhone users.

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