Apple responded to the accusations Sundar Pichai

The opinion of Sundar Pichai that Apple has turned privacy into a commoditythat can only afford a rich man, has little in common with reality. In an interview with The Independent, said Craig Federighi, Apple’s Vice President on the development of software. According to him, Cupertino has always held the opinion on the need to ensure protection of user data, and not began to do it only when it came into Vogue.

“On the one hand it is very encouraging that other companies have recently started to think about privacy, says Federighi. – I think this issue is much deeper than enable you to understand a couple of months of study and released a couple of press releases. To understand [the importance of confidentiality], we need qualitatively new perspective on corporate culture, its values and business model. And it can’t happen overnight”.

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For its part Apple is trying to show the world an example of how you can produce uncompromising products that will 100% meet expectations of users, says Federighi. At the same time, it is a mistake to think that the company is focused only on wealthy consumers. In Cupertino do not consider their products as a luxury and are happy to sell it to anyone who wishes to do so. “We are glad that we can afford not to compromise when creating their technology, providing users the best experience”, — said a top Manager.

Of course, confidentiality is not a momentary thing. To be sure that user data are protected, Apple engineers are constantly working on improvement of the methodology, which will reduce the data collection and also to differentiate the volumes of information that still was collected. In Cupertino give it so much importance that even build into their processors separate areas, which are responsible for the security.

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What Apple is doing, of course, deserves the highest praise. No matter what anyone said, but the company has never caught in the transfer of user data to third parties, as do its competitors. And isolated attacks like the one that touched trade data Apple Music, still have not found evidence confirming only that Cupertino really care about us, and her employees care about what may present even the slightest value to users.

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