Apple responded to the allegations on procurement and deleted on the platform iTunes

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Lately, it has been posted a tweet on the movies purchased on the platform of my Apple and iTunes, a Twitter, where he stated that Anders Gonçalves da Silva that Apple has deleted some of the movies you bought through iTunes from its library. Since then, people began to realize that their purchases do not always remain as they thought.

For those who are wondering what happened, he has said Anders Gonçalves da Silva in his tweet that Apple had deleted the three movies he had bought it from iTunes. Then call him a representative of Apple made no loans to rent movies in return, which seemed unfair to a certain extent, weren’t you? However, it turns out that it may be there is more than what we see on the surface, at least according to a report released by CNet, who decided to dive deep to search for more details.

Bought Anders Gonçalves da Silva mainly films during his stay in Australia, then moved later to Canada which is a completely different area, which means that in some cases, the library may be different in Canada than it is in Australia, a Netflix-style that you choose library from one area to another. As indicated in the site CNet, there are multiple versions of the movies that were released in different regions. This may be the result of trying to meet the needs of local markets, and try to provide more relevant content to families, and remove some of the political references, etc.

I saw the Apple in its statement the official publication which said : ” can enjoy any movies already downloaded at any time and will not be deleted unless you choose it. If you change the country settings, it may not be some films available to download from the video store if it wasn’t the film I bought is also available in the new country. If necessary, you can change my settings back to my previous re-download these movies “.

What this means is that less Australian than those movies are no longer available because it is now living in Canada, it is likely that if returned to the iTunes account of the Australian, lost the remains of those movies there. But according to Anders Gonçalves da Silva, it is still a problem, although it stated that Apple is trying to find an alternative solution.



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