Apple retain the best nurses for 2020

The upcoming iPhones this year will come with improvements and new updates this is normal, however, iPhone your 2020 will retain the best nurses ever and this is according to analyst Chris Caso, who works in the investment bank American Raymond James.

Clear glass that Apple will be able to recover perfectly in the year 2020 that in time that will be the company about the iPhone first, which supports الـ5G according to the words of the analyst in this time will increase the value of Apple shares to $250 and that in itself will bring the company a huge growth this is because the value of the stock at the current time is $205.25 this with comparison phones for iPhone 11 next several months which will not be the best of the Apple according to what we know about her so far.

The Casa also stated that the iPhone this year -an iPhone 11 research – will be disappointing, probably, and that Apple come this version that duty no more, where you will be issued a new phone as an upgrade to the previous generation, but the purchase decision is ultimately up to the user and probably the user will not come to this decision.

Phones iPhone for the next year will bring several radical changes the first of which is the company’s transition completely for OLED instead of LCD and also the launch of the first phone that supports technology of communication of the new 5G will adopt the Apple on-chip communication design Qualcomm this coupled with Apple’s intentions and endeavours to completely get rid of the extrusion Notch so we’re about to see the iPhone with a full takeover to the area of the screen with the support of the 5G and also with OLED screens for all versions until version R.

Source: Softpedia

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