Apple reveal iPad Pro size for with keyboard support Trackpad

Apple announced America before minutes from now for the new tablet iPad Pro is the most advanced, comes with the support processor A12Z Bionic which allowed the device would be faster and stronger than most of the laptops that are running Windows.

IPad Pro comes with support camera Ultra Wide, and microphones high-quality along with the scanner LiDAR and the screen of the Liquid Retina stunning to enable professional users to produce excellent work through the application of sound and video.

The device comes by iPadOS 13.4 of the operating system that provided support for the trackpad ( mouse ) in keyboard that comes backlit, which gives users a new way to deal with it, where the re-design of the mouse pad fully on the iPad that supports touch gestures to navigate in the entire system. without lifting the users hands or the need to touch the screen.

The design of the iPad Pro a new to perform tasks that require resources you have such as editing 4K video or the design of three-dimensional models with battery great for up to 10 hours, in addition to connected Wi-Fi communication data faster.

The screen of the Liquid Retina in the device come in sizes 11 inch and 12.9 inch, are more mobile devices screens in the world, thanks to its support for the colors of the broad P3, allowing customers to share photos and videos, applications and games, details vibrant, and Technology ProMotion automatically adjusts the screen refresh rate up to 120 Hz for the response is extremely smooth.

The device features a camera petition accurately 12 risk to take amazing pictures and 4K video recording, and includes a camera with 10 maps, where adding a second camera to the double potential of images and videos, while the device comes now with five microphones for high quality sound recording ultra-purity and details quieter.

Expect the iPad Pro new as of today through the company’s online store in 30 countries, while the will be available in stores as of next week, at a starting price of $ 799 version 11 inch, and $ 999 USD ratio of 12.9 inch.

A summary of the connectors:

  • Screen 11 and a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina
  • The refresh rate of 120 GHz
  • Processor A12Z Bionic
  • Internal memory starts from 128GB to 1TB
  • USB-C port
  • Fast shipping 18 watt
  • Rear camera 12+10 maps
  • Front camera 7 maps
  • Support Face ID
  • Battery up to 10 hours use

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