Apple reveal iPad Pro this year’s new

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Revealed Apple today during the events of the conference, about the new versions of the iPad Pro, which comes this year the design featured frames with the thinnest.

iPad Pro-2018

Named the iPad Pro this year touch pen Apple is magnetically, as it features a Liquid Retina, with the support of a wider range of colors.

Also in the time which comes the first version of iPad Pro size 10.5 inch, weight 1 pounds only, features a version of this general the size of the screen of 11 inches with the specifications of same for the previous version.

iPad Pro-10 It also comes iPad Pro possible the size of 12.9 inch comes this year the same size in the screen, but it is characterized with a thickness less than last year’s version.

Also supports the iPad this year, facial recognition technology, so don’t come to this year’s edition button in the main interface of the device front.

iPad Pro-12

Also among the improvements that have been added on the iPad Pro this year with processor chip A12X Bionic possible to accurately manufacture 7 nm, which is the use of Apple also in recent versions of phones iPhone.

Also confirm the Apple that this version includes disaster screen with the level of efficiency of the Xbox One S, as has been confirmed USB port C in the iPad Pro this year, look phones the iPhone only to the specifications of the old ports of contact.

Apple Pencil

Pencil Apple Pencil has been updated, where it connects magnetically to the wholesale side of the devices, and also supports wireless charging too, you can click force to implement the application Notes on the device.

Apple is also offering this year a keyboard from accessory to the iPad Pro, which supports device tilting more than the angle.

Also among the features of iPad Pro this year to support special editing applications Photoshop with the tools to support the design of augmented reality, to apps Adobe new apply to devices in 2019.

AR demo-ipad-pro

Also scheduled to stop the iPad Pro size 11 inch priced at 799 dollars, while the device comes possible size of 12.9-inch at a price of $ 999, and is available both versions with a call to networks LTE, so start pre-booking today, to start shipping on 7 November.


This thread Apple reveal iPad Pro’s new for this year appeared on Engadget.

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