Apple reveal requests to delete applications which were received from the governments of the world

Apple has announced in the latest transparency reports on government requests to delete/block the app from version AppStore the local search itself, and that for the period between 1/7 and until 31/12 of the previous year 2012.

Apple received 80 request to remove 770 application from the Apple application store, the country’s domestic applicant, this knowing that he can demand the fact that featuring more than one application, including at request of Apple has agreed to 634 and the number of states that have sent requests and approved of Apple’s 11 countries, headed by China, which is offered alone by approximately 517 application, according to Apple, most of the requests were due to show applications to pornographic content or violation.

As for the other countries are Russia, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and most of the special requests of these countries in-depth application of gas law no more, this while Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, all of them have sent only one application, and the reason for it was contrary to the Privacy Act to countries.

أبل تكشف في تقرير الشفافيّة عن التطبيقات التي تم حذفها

The company also revealed in the transparency report of its own that it had received requests from the governments for the purpose of obtaining account information of the user or the identity of the Financial not, these requests were always related to emergency situations involving the user, and in these cases Apple has to share information with governments in good faith.

What do you think of it? Do you favor state intervention in the apps available to users? We have participated now your comment..

Source: TechSpot

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