Apple reveal the cause of her choice of the phrase ” Hey Siri ” to activate the digital assistant Siri


If you have previously used the digital assistant on a smartphone such as Siri or Google Assistant or Cortana or Alexa, then you know that there will be a key word should you say to run this digital assistant. In the case of digital assistant Siri of Apple, this word is the ” Hey Siri“, but how did Apple reach this phrase in particular?

According to the latest report to Apple about machine learning technology, has the company explained the reason chosen for this formulation to be the key to operate the digital assistant Siri. According to Apple, it has stated by saying : ” the choice of the phrase ‘ Hey Siri ‘ in the original to be as natural as possible, in fact, it was very natural even by providing this feature, users had to say summon Siri with the main button and orders inadvertently with the words Hey Siri. However, the limited ease of expression holds more challenges “.

Offering Apple also details about how to solve problems such as the processes of activation of the unintended how to reprogram this feature so that you can microphones iPhone from picking up the words of activation. While this is interesting in the development of Siri, however, Apple suffers from a problem where it seems that Siri is most often completely unable to thinking on digital assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

There have been rumors that Apple are looking for a way to improve the capabilities of the digital assistant Siri, has glimpsed the lists of recent recruitment to that actually. According to one rumor that Apple even put the option to re-develop the digital assistant Siri from scratch in their options.


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