Apple reveal the dates of the official launch for WatchOS 5 and MacOS Mojave

MacOS Mojave

We got now some information from the headquarters of Apple in California after the company slide the curtain officially about its smart phones the three new, as well as the new smart watch Apple Watch Series 4. Moreover, it has confirmed to us the company also now when Are you gonna release update macOS Mojave official, as well as the Launch Date of the update WatchOS 5 hours by current smart.

According to Apple, will you release the update WatchOS 5 official on the 17th day of September, in when will be released an update for MacOS Mojave official today, September 24. As you probably know, Apple officially WatchOS 5 and MacOS Mojave officially earlier this year, and exactly at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018. Since then, the company has tested these updates with many of the eligible users all over the world.

Now, over the period of the tests the company will release the official and final of WatchOS 5 and MacOS Mojave on the dates mentioned above. As always, updates WatchOS 5 and MacOS Mojave will be available for free download on all compatible devices. Thus, if you own a compatible device, you’ll be able to get the new update in the near future.

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