Apple reveal the iPhone XS Max

This thread Apple reveal the iPhone XS Max appeared on Engadget.

Revealed manufacturing giant phone Apple in its conference today about the iPhone XS Max which comes with a OLED Display Size 6.5 inch.

iPhone XS Max

Phone iPhone XS Max is the larger versions of the Apple phones, the iPhone, where he announced the phone officially during the conference, the phone comes with a screen OLED size of 6.5 inches, which is larger in the versions of Apple until now.

iPhone XS Max-appleFeatures phone iPhone XS Max Resolution 2688 in 1242 pixels, or 3.3 million pixel camera 458 ppi, with the screen at full front of the phone.

Also among the updates that have occurred on the iPhone XS Max efficiency more of the work of Siri, to be able to support the user in answering the questions in more detail.

The phone also features higher quality audio with the stereo wider scope, and feature Face ID of the report higher and more effective in the phones.

Supported phones iPhone XS processor chip A12 Bionic is the most efficient speed on user support in a higher speed of response in the phone, it also features a processor with my 4-croe GPU, 6-core CPU which offers speed and 15% more compared to the previous version.


This thread Apple reveal the iPhone XS Max appeared on Engadget.

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