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Apple unveiled unveiled at the conference WWDC 2019 for advanced technologies make application development easier and faster than ever before. These techniques are distinct in SwiftUI وARKit 3 tools XCode new. So what’s new?

Said Craig free: “the technology development of new applications that we unveiled today is working on the development of applications in a manner more quickly and easily available to developers, it represents the future of innovative apps on all Apple platforms. Where SwiftUI a real shift in the process of innovating user interfaces by providing the data directly on the user interface and adapted within the app, and we believe that it will give developers a lot.”


Is the issue the innovative development of works on creation of user interfaces for the applications more powerful and easy than ever before. This version is based on the software simple and easy to understand, and can developers use it to create user interfaces wonderfull and complete as possible and include The Animated Series. It also saves time on developers by providing a lot of automatic functions, including coordination of fact, style and opacity, access, support languages from right to left, this is coordination of the many and multi.

◉ It works SwiftUI to run applications on ultra-fast hardware than ever before.

◉ And because SwiftUI is the interface to programming the same built-in all Apple systems, developers can create apps fixed quickly and easily on all platforms of Apple.

◉ It also offers lines of codes software few and concise about the former.

◉ You can drag and drop content directly in the preview app and start to set up the code without any written manual.

Xcode 11 supports SwiftUI

◉ Facilitate the design tool graphic user interfaces of the new and compact in Xcode 11 to assemble the user interface quickly using SwiftUI, without the need to write a new program.

◉ When the amendment to the program, the changes appear in the user interface immediately in the instrument optical design. And can developers now see the instant previews and automatic appearance of the user interface and adapted during the compilation of the program and test it.

◉ These plains in transition from graphic design to write a program to make the development of user interfaces more productive and efficient, and software developers and designers of user interfaces in collaboration more closely.

◉ Can be run on data directly on Apple devices related, including iPhone, and an iPad-the iPod and the Apple Watch and Apple TV, allowing developers to see the interaction of the application directly with all of the features of the device such as multi-touch, cameras, sensors etc different.

ARKit 3 and RealityKit reality Composer

All sophisticated tools designed to make it easier for developers to create new experiences in augmented reality more than ever.

Given to the library of augmented reality ARKit 3, we find that the focus was more on people. With Motion Capture or motion capture, developers can incorporate the movement of persons in the application with ease.

With feature People Occlusion, shows the content of the augmented reality naturally in front of people or behind their to experiences of enhanced reality more realistic. This non-existence of other uses of stunning engagement-style green screen movies made sense.

It allows the issuance of ARKit 3 for the front camera to track up to three faces, in addition to support for both front and rear at the same time. This is not the improvements that make augmented reality technology more rapid and realistic.

There is no doubt that those updates are important for application developers who are building augmented reality applications. It should be noted that the estimates indicate that the market value of augmented reality to help 11.14 billion, and is expected to rise to more than $ 60 million by the year 2023.

For tool RealityKit has been designed specifically for augmented reality, which is characterized by realism, in addition to superior ability to draw maps of the surrounding environment, and to distinguish the different effects such as jamming, vibration and movement, which means that the content of the visual is almost no different from the fact.

Include RealityKit also animated and features of the physical possibilities of the voice is different, and can developers take advantage of the features RealityKit through the interface programming new RealityKit Swift API.

And tool Reality Composer, which is the application of powerful new systems for iOS and iPadOS and Mac, allows developers to create a copy of the initial experiences of augmented reality production without previous experience in working drawings three-dimensional. It is through the simple interface can use the drag-and-drop, and the use of a set of elements, animations, three-dimensional. This is to allow the developer to develop the elements of augmented reality and its destruction as he wants, and can be integrated directly in the application in Xcode or exported to en Quick Look.

Core ML and Create ML

Is still the focus of Apple was on artificial intelligence, which is great from the perspective of privacy and security. Contains Core ML3 this year on the superb updates.

For those who do not know what is the Core ML is a programming library and laboratory learning machine from Apple so that it provides developers a way to integrate the potential of smart learning in their apps through a few lines of code.

In issuing this general Core ML 3 the focus was more on streamlining operations by improving the size of the model and improve performance as well as give developers the ability to customize their own models. Now enjoy the apps offered experiences enjoy a deep understanding of the vision “image” and natural language and speech in unprecedented ways.

For the first time, developers can update machine learning models on the machine using the allocation models. This method allows modern developers the opportunity to provide custom features without compromising on user privacy.

With Create ML, the application of the ad hoc development of machine learning, developers can create models for automation without writing programs.

The Apple Watch

◉ Developers can now design their applications to run independently on the Apple Watch without having to iPhone.

◉ Developers can take advantage of the motor nervous system in the Apple Watch 4 by Core ML to prevent the users of smarter applications.

◉ In software store on the coast has become you can buy and install apps and download them directly to the coast.

◉ API allows a new run of voice and music using Apple Watch without an iPhone.

◉ Prevent the programming interface particular to the extension of the application additional time to complete the tasks on the Apple Watch while still the app is in the foreground, even if out of the screen, including access to the sensors authorized that measure heart rate, location and movement.

◉ Support SwiftUI system watchOS.

◉I have Apple TV generally applications for watchOS and added features of great benefit such as the application bus, the application voice memo, and agree audio books, streaming music, etc. We are waiting for the launch of external applications especially working on the system watchOS.

Other features for developers

◉Facilitate library PencilKit own by Apple on the developers to add support for Pen Apple in their app, and includes a range of tools on its design.

◉ Add Library car service, a wake support for the development of music and acoustics of other developers, including music, podcasts and audio books, and so developers can integrate Siri directly into their apps on iOS and iPadOS and watchOS, allowing users to control those apps using simple voice commands.

◉ Provide written MapKit maps developers a new set of nurses such as the installation directions, and according to the important sites, the occurrence of image zoom and move, support the pattern of opacity.


Mittal is a programming interface to low level to produce computer graphics three-dimensional in order to address the processes separately from the main application, developed by Apple and appeared for the first time in iOS 8 .

New collections and strength of the Metal make it easy to share programs between multiple processing units graphics across all platforms of Apple, while easy to support iOS Simulator create applications and technology Metal for iOS and iPadOS.

That’s not all. There are other minutiae of complex private development and developers we can’t mention in one article.

What do you think about Apple’s updates ongoing for the development and the provision of environments that are fertile and easy to developers? Tell us in the comments.


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