Apple revised the production computer, the Mac Pro from Texas to China

Created the company Apple computer Mac Pro (Mac Pro) new in China, which represents a change compared to the Mac Pro previous source in the United States, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Making Apple Mac Pro in Austin, Texas, starting in 2013, but with the revelations this month about a new Mac Pro factory in China, the Apple about the production of the device is the only major area in the United States to the outside due to the escalation of trade tensions between the management of Trump Beijing.

According to the press, have been used by giant technology company Quanta Computer (Quanta Computer) for the manufacture of a desktop computer, adult price $ 6 thousand, and to increase production in a factory near Shanghai.

There you’ll be (Quanta Computer) near the suppliers of Apple others all around the Asia, which makes it possible for Apple to achieve the cost of shipping is less than if it had been shipped the ingredients to us.

I told the Apple press, as designed and computer the new Mac Pro in the United States, and that the situation contains components of American manufacture, and final assembly is only one part of the manufacturing process.

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The US President Donald Trump has urged the technology giant to produce more products in the United States, and his administration to increase the tariff by 25 percent on imported products from China.

Asked Apple last week from the U.S. government to avoid issuing new, saying: it will make the production of devices for iPhone; for iPad; for Mac; for headphones (AirPods) wireless; devices (Apple TV); the more expensive.

He warned the US Trade Representative, Robert its Robert Lighthizer, that tariffs on China would put its contribution to the US economy.

According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal) and Nick (Nikkei) said last week that the escalation of trade tensions between the two countries has forced Apple to think about converting some of their production outside of China.

He was the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, Tim Cook, confirmed in May 2013 the company plans to manufacture computer Mac new in Texas, he said, the company will consider 100 million dollars to bring industry to the United States, but faced Apple TV problems with the production of Mac computers in the United States.

He explained an article in the New York Times that Apple struggled to find a sufficient number of bolts when started making Mac Pro in 2013, and had tests after the new situation, and lack of bolts and other problems in the delay of sales of the Mac Pro for several months.

It also didn’t help sales of the Mac Pro on the presence of a significant upgrade in more than five years, explained The Wall Street Journal that it is unlikely to affect the making of the new model in China to work in Texas, because the demand on your old Mac Pro had faltered years ago.

And you’ll be Texas operated by flex (Flex ) contracting with Apple to renew the computers previously manufactured, as well as the production of products to buy HP and other companies.

Said Apple in a statement: design and engineering of computer the new Mac Pro has been in California like all our products, we are proud to support manufacturing facilities in 30 U.S. states, and we spent last year, $ 60 million with more than 9 thousand suppliers across the United States, and supports our investment and innovations 2 million American jobs.

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