Apple said, why not refuse Touch ID

Despite the fact that Apple rarely directly asked their users about what they expect from future products of the company, to accuse her of ignorance or backwardness of trends impossible. In Cupertino and then conduct all sorts of research that resulted in the exact hit in the purpose. So it was with the Apple Watch, whose success was questioned even Steve Wozniak, and even with the iPhone XR, which, though out a compromise, in the end became the best selling smartphone of the year. Did not remain without attention and love of users to Touch ID.

For Face ID the future, but Touch ID is still not in the past

Apple has no plans to abandon the Touch ID in their future products. About Greg Joswiak, senior Vice President of marketing, said the British newspaper Daily Express. According to him, users love Touch ID, and it really is a excellent method of identification, which is great for use on devices of different spectrum.

Touch ID is still good

Touch ID was the first of our biometric security system, and our customers loved it. It has changed the way users protect their devices, because today it’s hard to believe, but most did not use even password. Therefore, we will continue to use Touch ID in the future. For example, it’s just a great technology for the classic line iPad, and we don’t expect to abandon it, says Joswiak.

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Nevertheless, said a top Manager in Cupertino are paying great importance to Face ID. The face detection technology, which debuted in 2017, was a logical continuation of Touch ID. She appeared as a safer and convenient alternative to fingerprinting. Its development took several years but eventually Apple managed to create a more reliable and natural way to unlock branded devices, recognizes Jozwiak.

Why no Face ID on Android

Face detection is very complex to implement and, more importantly, expensive system, explains Vice-President. The main reason why Apple’s competitors don’t use this technology is the need to use a range of hardware sensors that allow equally well to detect the face both day and night.

For this reason they are limited to software recognition systems, which are based on simple algorithms and a front camera. The same sensors do not allow Apple to change the design of the current iPhone, abandoning frontal recess. Therefore, admitted Jozwiak, do not expect half measures from the company, which would not agree to the use of a periscope module and cut island.

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Personally I can’t stand arguments of the format “what did the author want to say,” but because I’m not going to dream and to decipher the words of the top Manager in searching for hidden meaning and hidden references to a possible appearance on-screen Touch ID 2.0, which lately, analysts say. If desired, one can break the statement Jozwiak on a phrase and some phrases to find in them the meaning that they want to see.

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