Apple says-by-step secret to protect the iPhone from hack

We all remember the attack of San Bernardino in the state of California, USA in December 2015, that claimed the lives of 14 people, and try to FBI the FBI to infiltrate an iOS device-iPhone belongs to one of the perpetrators of the attack, and refused Apple an injunction urging her to help open iPhone. The case remained undecided between the Apple and the FBI for weeks, so as to enable the FBI, in the finish from penetrating the iPhone, without the slightest help from Apple. So how was it? Does this hack danger on the regular user? How do I protect myself from those breakthroughs possible? Continued with us to the end.

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Remained the case between Apple and the FBI is greatest, Apple to maintain the privacy of its users and earn their trust, and the American see that it is a national security should be of assistance. But in the end have been hacked iPhone, via the outsourced Israeli. And last 2017 started it becomes easier for security companies where the company announced Grayshift about the invention of a device called GrayKey can unlock iPhone and bypass the password and started the news spread about this device and was not known in the beginning what if “GrayKey” service software or a physical product until the company was able to MalwareBytes specialized in the bathroom, put her hands on some of the images from that device.

The company says that this device is only used in legal situations, and does not pose any danger or concern to the ordinary user.

The device is a safety box, out of which two-wire type lightning connect iPhone, and it takes this device between two hours to three days or more depending on the complexity of the code, and in the end know iPhone passcode on a black screen. In this way can penetrate all the organs of the iPhone, even broken ones, as well as the most recent X also.

After unlocking the device, is to download all its content as well as backup to your GrayKey and works on the latest Apple devices and the latest operating systems.

How does it affect such intrusions on regular user?

First you need not to worry! Because getting a device like that requires the payment of large sums of money, the device including two first cost $ 15,000 and requires an Internet connection and allows limited attempts. And the second model costs $ 30,000 and does not require Internet connection and allows attempts is limited due to most of us there is no content in the device and it makes there who wants to pay 15 to 30 thousand dollars to get it.

It’s the second good in this, that such devices do not last it long. In the former device the IP-Box is able to decode the lock iPhone four-digit, and remained working until the release of iOS 8.2. And update this device to the IP-Box 2, You can get it from Amazon store a hundred dollars only, but unfortunately it was closed also, and in need of updates is complex, because of the security threats and filling gaps by Apple, and which of them increase the numbers of the four numbers to six numbers.

Supposed to cast your GreyKey the same fate as the two devices ex As soon as you discover the Apple security vulnerability used by and fix it, making it an useless, this has already happened. Where Apple has steps to fantastic wish in iOS 11.3, namely:

In the event that you left your phone for more than a week without using the understanding you Apple disable the port Lightning completely if you are using fingerprint or password to open your iPhone. A week after the US device is recognized by the computer or any device hacking in general and to reinvigorate a separate Lightning to enter the password or use the fingerprint. This means that GreyKey must be used during the period of 7 days from the last time it was use iPhone.

Tips to make your device difficult to hack from any direction.

Virtual numbers for the code to open the iPhone is the six numbers on modern hardware, and four numbers only on devices running iOS 8 and later versions at least. Aim of Apple behind it easier for users to be able to save the password easily. But remember that when you choose a PIN that is four, this means that there are 10,000 number possible the hexagon, it means 1000000 “million” number is possible and this makes access very difficult. And even that device GreyKey said that he can get to need two hours to break through dancing and up to 3 days to break through the hexagons. There are researchers security they said that the password of the quartet can be penetrated in 6.5 minutes the hexagram, the average time is 11.1 hours.

◉ Use sufficient numbers in the passcode

If you use eight digits, it would take 46 days to penetrate the iPhone because it gives you 100 million group numbers Secret. While use ten digits for a passcode that will give you the 4629 days to penetrate the iPhone, the equivalent of 10 million set Secret codes! If you can keep a ten digit passcode that good, nor can any hacker in the world to penetrate your computer, in only one case, namely, that waiting 17.5 years to penetrate the iPhone, your, Add to that previous point, which is given to the charging port which will make is hack future.

To change the Access Code of six numbers to more go to Settings – TouchID and pass code – to change access code – enter the old number in the window enter the new number, click on the “options access code – and then select the icon of the alphanumeric custom “for the letters and figures” or a numeric code custom and what you want from the numbers but be careful you should remember them well.

◉ Do not use numbers that are easy to

Yeah don’t use the numbers can be guessed as ten zeros, or from 1 to 9 in ascending or descending unfortunately these numbers are the most common in the world according to stats website VK for social interaction.

◉ Convert numbers to letters

You can write your name or any phrase you know well and then convert them to numbers for example when you transform my name to numbers ” MahmoudSharaf be so 6246683742723 ” thus, the password is very complex and you need to remember that number. You can convert from letters to numbers through this site word2number “the site supports English only and no space between words”.

◉ Use a passcode consisting of numbers and letters

See the way the number “1” You can choose alphanumeric Code of my custom component from letters and numbers, thus ensuring the password very complex and impenetrable. Preferably consisting of upper and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. The PIN code of eight characters is small, contains 208 million collection Secret codes as possible. And if you add a character big and small numbers jump operation to 1 quadrillion” one million million, one on his right 15 zero” group of the secret codes are possible, and perhaps much more.

◉ Do not use dictionary words alone.

This is what the many, and is very easy for the hijackers to break the protection of the iPhone, which contains a word from the dictionary like the word “computer”, “laptop”, and “library”, “my car is black”, “love of my life.”, “excuse me your Lord,” and something like that.

◉ Make your password a sentence or phrase

You can write the password the names of your children two or three thus in a simple manner is easy to remember such as “remade” and you can put code instead of numbers “Ahmed@Ahmed#Ahmed$Ayesha” surely these words are difficult to forget about it.

◉ Change the passwords every now and then

Of course most of us gives password to his brother or his sister or his son or his friend with the time to wait and be password. You should change from time to time, this is the best for privacy.

Remember that when you put a passcode on your device, you know you keep your secrets inside that Box electronics and don’t want to worship anyone or called anyone, so choose it carefully.

What do you think about Apple’s move to secure an iPhone against penetration? Do you prefer complex passwords long or quartet simple? Tell us in the comments.


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