Apple says that there are 4 million users helps the company to test future updates

ios 12 - iPhone X

For a long time, the Apple to keep its program demo to future updates is limited to developers. But in recent years, the company has become to allow ordinary users the opportunity to participate in testing future updates for iOS and MacOS to help the company fix bugs and provide their feedback.

It turns out that this was a good idea because during the event, which revealed the company’s financial results, revealed the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that the number of persons who participated in the pilot program for the company about 4 million.

According to Mr. Tim Cook, has stated by saying : ” in June, hosted a conference very successful developers introduced many major developments that will be released this autumn to the operating systems of four of our own, including iOS and MacOS and WatchOS and TvOS. It was the reactions of the developers and customers is very positive and we have more than four millions of users Shared in our programs, pilot new operating systems of our own “.

This large number of users despite the fact that Apple didn’t share this information with the media before, so it is not possible to know how the evolution of the number of these testers over the previous years. However, we believe that it is likely to be the rate of growth significant enough for Apple to change it.

Generally, if you want to experience the future updates that will be released for the operating systems of Apple, including iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave, go to the official site of Apple for delivery.



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