Apple says the phones the faith of the old will be recycled through the robots

آبل تقول ان هواتف الايفون القديمة سيعاد تدويرها من خلال روبوتاتApple says the phones the faith of the old will be recycled through robots

Apple said on Thursday it will open a laboratory ”recovery of materials“ to search for new technologies using robots and dissemination of how to disassemble the devices and recover the valuable materials such as copper, aluminum and cobalt.

It will be a laboratory which covers an area of 836 square meters in the same hotel, Austin where there is Android Daisy built by Apple, which can now disassemble iPhone at the rate of 1.2 million sets per year.

The lab is part of the goal of Apple is to become of all of its products from recycled materials or renewable. Did not identify Apple as the date to achieve this goal, but some products like the MacBook Air include a piece of aluminum made of iPhones dissolved restored Apple in the framework of the exchangers.

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Said Lisa Jackson, vice president of the Apple division of Environmental Policy and Social Initiatives, told Reuters the research in this lab will provide Apple with information on how to design their products.

She said in an interview, ”I think inevitably that knowledge that will get them from there do all segments of the Apple, and cut us as well as we hope, of course, as we will have that impact on designers and engineers“.

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