Apple scheduled the launch of the speaker smart HomePod markets

Apple announced the smart HomePod in the museums of America, Great Britain, Australia on 9 February, while will start pre-order next Friday and the 26th of January, to be the launch speaker smartphone in some European countries such as France and Germany in the spring. It was a decision that the up speaker smart HomePod markets by the end of 2017, but the announcement of the Apple to postpone the deadline missed it the holiday season, however still in front of the Apple TV a chance to win a share of the market, but priced at$ 349 will be the Museum of updated smartphone more suitable to follow the Sonos and speakers Amazon parking download-two priced relatively cheap. Despite the postponement, it does not seem that the HomePod’s got improvements to make it much different compared to what we’ve seen at the Apple worldwide Developers Conference in June last, and that the focus was on improving the service of the music and sound quality, rather than the intelligence of the speaker, which was the focus in the area of competition. Although the pre-order will be next Friday, there is still a key detail is known about the HompPod; and the design of the speaker to comply with the service of the music Apple TV first, it will affect and to what extent on its compatibility with other services such as Spotify like? As the assistant Siri will be limited in its integration with third-party services as stated when the announcement of the speaker, and will you wait the Conference of developers next get information about the details of the plan to expand the integration of Siri. It has been reported that Apple TV to sync feature to run speakers are not wired in the rooms will not be available until the arrival of the Update software late this year, recall that this feature has become almost essential in all speaker smart. Source: The Verge

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