Apple sent a formal invitation of the conference of the developers of the WWDC to be held on June 3

Hold the Apple Developers Conference the WWDC coming in June 3 to announce the features of the new versions of iOS and macOS, and watchOS to the side of the tvOS.

Calling Apple different media channels in the current time of the conference of the developers of the main held in the conference center McHenry in San Jose in California, where the conference needs between 3 to 7 of June next.

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It is estimated that rotates ads Apple during the conference for updates to both the platform iOS and macOS, and watchOS to the side of tvOS, and the new features in these versions, and in the next lines we use some of the details of the ads updates, new software Apple.

The iOS update 13

Know the new version of the operating system iOS 13 with the code “Yukon” now, where is expected to comes with a wide range of changes in the main interface of the system, comes from a new style in the movement of fees when you close applications or when running more than one application with multiple tasks.

It has also been re-designed dashboard widget in this version, also add Apple feature skins, dark or style the night of the most requested from users in this release, also refer prospects to the new feature in the keyboard come with a quick scroll design, trying keyboard application SwiftKey.

Also expected to offer Apple a new update for the apps Reminders, Apple Books, and Maps, and Mail along with application to Home, as come feature Time Settings screen, more precisely in the iOS update 13.

Apple adds new features also for the iPad, where users can convert the screen of the iPad to the panel with multi-touch when you call the Mac, as it has been updated to feature multitasking on the iPad, as forecasts suggest some modification in the interface of the iPad main with the possibility to navigate between different versions of the same app.

Update macOS 10.15

A report from Bloomberg recently that Apple provided macOS 10.15 with running apps iPad on Mac, where this feature is one of the key features of the new version of the macOS, in which he announced this feature for the first time during the developers conference last year, and a new back Apple to review the performance of the new feature after it is added Already to improve the system.

As projections indicate that Apple will the new version of the Apple Music app, which comes as a standalone application in the new update of the operating system macOS to support the broadcast and play music.

Also among the new features available in the improvements in the time Settings screen to be more accurate, with new stickers in iMessage and also some effects, it also comes Siri set of bindings, it is expected to reveal Apple on your Mac Pro with the new features in the update system.

Update watchOS 6

Confirming the leaks that Apple will be a lot of important characteristics in the update watchOS 6 support hours Apple smartphones, I noted a Bloomberg report that Apple is on its way to support the users of smart watches store custom applications for watchOS 6, so the user will need to browse the Apple App Store via cell phones smart in the beginning.

It also provides Apple a range of aspects of the new smart watch, and also add Apple to some changes in the interface to support the user with a better offer the data of the app, also offer Apple a new update to apply Apple Books to improve the experience of listening to audio books, as the application has been updated calculator, and apply health to push notifications to the user, along with a group of Animoji وMemoji new.


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