Apple sent invitations to a special conference on March 25,

As is totally expected Apple has sent invitations to attend a special conference shall not be held on 25 March the law of Steve Jobs by the new company. The conference starts at 10 a.m. California time any seven in the evening, Cairo time and the second pm GMT Mecca. Came the call, entitled “It’s show time”. At the tip of the match to confirm the content of the conference.

أبل ترسل دعوات مؤتمر خاص في 25 مارس

The phrase “its Show Time” for those who don’t know it is one of the most famous phrases that are used to provide media content, whether it is film or programme is adopted we have large institutions such as ShowTime, which provide broadcasting services in several states as well as the movie comic famous. Comes compatible with what Apple was going to offer in the conference and the rumors are talking about providing Apple service broadcast video for companies both on the iPhone and the iPad or on Apple TV via iTunes or a standalone app released by Apple in these media. Has already confirmed several points that Apple has already signed contracts with a number of mid-media and film content us Services author is there to provide their content on its system. Recently expanded Apple strongly in the dissemination of AirPlay 2 in order to facilitate the participation of this service but she described it became backed by Samsung as well as company Roku, which provide a convenient device for Apple.

It is worth mentioning that the conference will depend not only on the launch of the video service, but that the contributions of this video are ranked second in the projections after the magazine subscriptions, which confirmed the demo update iOS 12.2 pilot revealed that there is a subscriptions service already, sources said that Apple agreed with publishers that the returns will be shared equally 50/50 between them.

Perhaps both services are the one service which the new subscriptions whether in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast service video or anything.

Apart from subscriptions streaming service, there are some rumors though not strong talked about the launch of iPad and 2019 and possibly iPad Mini new headphones AirPods second-generation charger Apple wireless AirPower, but he described the rumors to talk about the Apple device entertainment antique iPod and neighbor update. Can return to our previous of these devices through this link.

Generally stay less than two weeks you will see the conference whether the country Direct , which Apple announced it would be available at the conference or covering the iPhone Islam of detail provided by after the conference.

What are your expectations on the next Apple after two weeks? And what is the product that waiting part? Share your opinion in the comments

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