Apple set a new manager in the Department of augmented reality

آبل تعيين مدير جديد في قسم الواقع المعزز

Apple set a new mission in the Department of augmented reality company appointed Arthur Van Hoff as the new manager in the company. This comes after the departure of a veteran in this field, Avi Bar and my costume, of Apple after three years it is known that he was behind the development of glasses HoloLens.

It was the new director, Arthur Van Hoff, he founded the management company Jaunt is small, which works in the field of virtual reality after years of his experience in augmented and virtual reality, even left his post of Administrative at the end of 2018. It is considered the most important workers in this field.

The new appointment comes nearly two months after leaving a bar set up with Apple TV which hopes to get the new assistant manager in leading the efforts to develop a system of enhanced reality.

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