Apple set the$ 50 for customers who have switched Batteries iPhone in 2017


In the last year after the company adopted the Apple she was choking the speed of the processor in the phones old iPhone because the batteries degraded, has launched a programme to replace the battery where it has reduced the price of the replacement battery from $ 79 to $ 29 as a way to compensate for it. But what about those who have replaced their batteries before this?

The good news is that Apple give the money back to those customers too, at least according to the support document that has been monitored by the operators of the website 9to5mac. In fact, Apple live 50$ for such work, given that this is the price difference between the price of a replacement battery of the original and the current price, so if you are an eligible customer, telling Apple that it will communicate with you via email to notify you how to get the refund, which will be transferred to you via electronic transfer or via the credit card you used to pay the outstanding amount.

According to Apple, they say : ” you know Apple asset worth$ 50 to customers who paid for replacement of the battery of the phone iPhone 6 or beyond in the period between 1 January 2017 and 28 July 2017. The operations of replacement batteries eligible will be those that are in the service centers for Apple or in a repair shop certified by Apple “.

Before that there were talks that Apple may be considering the return of funds to qualified clients, now company decided to the Apple TV ahead of things received funds to qualified clients.



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