Apple set the design of the application to the Apple Store to enhance the shopping experience

Apple released a major update to the application to the Apple Store yesterday, buying on the tab “Shop” anti-design, which works to repair the online shopping experience. Are now offering products with images richer and the recommendations of the characteristic and much more.

Destroys the last update the tabs to Discover and Shop in a single unified interface with a series of cards and sections that highlight the new products, and appliances that you already own, and shopping categories. The design resembles the stories of the App Store, with the image filling the screen and buttons buy at the bottom of the screen. Pages offer individual products now experience closer to the act

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تصميم لتطبيق Apple Store

Apple previously updated the Apple Store experience Augmented Reality AR interactive, and Tab Sessions has been re-designed to facilitate the finding on the events of Today at the Apple near you.

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