Apple set the parental controls to the App Store

Re Apple parental control apps to the App Store iOS again and on top of the application OurPact famous with more benefits and without restrictions. Why removed the Apple TV that apps beginning? And why let him go back again?

أبل تعيد الرقابة الأبوية إلى متجر التطبيقات

أبل تعيد الرقابة الأبوية إلى متجر التطبيقات

Feature screen time for Apple apps, competition not

Apple announced the feature Screen Time sync with the release of the iOS 12, and as a result many developers to produce parallel applications and specializes in the tracking screen and parental control, it was more useful and more privileges can be customized easily “is buying most of those nurses” the mirroring feature of Apple TV, which lacks some things, including the possibility of challenge in shutting down apps.

Then Apple released a statement to the owners of those applications to modify and delete some of its advantages “which makes its useless” or are deleted from the App Store, claiming that they violate privacy. According to the New York Times last April. Stating that this step may be associated with screen time with Apple, which competed directly with these applications.

S Phil Schiller denying that the report contained a strong statement in which he says that the technology they rely on those applications to manage devices children are used for a range of tools called MDM, or mobile device management. It was still allowed in the App Store.

And for the record, the technology MDM is used by corporate departments of Information Technology and school environments to manage devices such as smart phones or remote computers. Where working on the system iOS by installing the MDM file personal on every device you want to control. This allows you to File Manage settings remotely over the internet from any mobile device or web browser.

Indeed, Apple has deleted the 11 application of 17 on her head applying OurPact the most downloaded in the field of parental control over the barrier of three million download, has Apple removed it without warning. She said other companies are following that progress to support a lawsuit against Apple accusing its exercise of arbitrary actions that make their apps less useful than feature screen time to your Apple in iOS 12.

The return of the parental control apps from the new

On July 10, announced last platform parental control OurPact top rated, about the return of their application follow iOS apps from the new. Became app is now available and can be downloaded directly. Apply OurPact you can turn on your kid’s phone remotely so as to stop the operation of the device, apps and games and determine the appropriate times for use off the internet and in rhythmic and automatic operation no.

Parental Control & Kid Tracker



Eturi Corp.

Size64.5 MB

Usually that home to work back to the App Store after a period of elimination, during which it reviewed the apple of their policies on all the applications of parental control. Where was the audit of the application OurPact accurately by a team of Apple it was emphasized that it does not represent any risk to data security. Where the Apple TV later update the policy Store applications to allow the applications using the MDM (tools, VPN), apparently in response to the existing.

This was the first step to allow the application of parental controls to work again without restrictions, it seems that the return of OurPact to the App Store is the final nail in the coffin of this problem.

Said Amir Mousavian, founder and CEO of OurPact: “this is a major milestone, not only for our industry, but to all the families of iOS everywhere, and screen time epidemic, parents need innovative solutions to counter its effect. We are excited to work alongside Apple in this space and continue to progress and cope with the technology and help families on how to manage them”.

Do you prefer to apply parental control on? And how do you see Read Apple preventing those apps and remove them and then allow them again? Tell us in the comments.



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