Apple shipped 29 million iPhone X in the last quarter

آيفون إكس آبل

آيفون إكس آبل

Shipments of Apple TV of the latest and hottest smart phones, the current is less than expectations, where the numbers indicate that the company shipped 29 million iPhone x during the fourth quarter of the year which is the most important quarter of the sales area, where the face of the holiday season.

If this number is issued by the research firm Canalys, it will be the iPhone x Best compared to the rest of the competitors in the holiday season according to the criterion of the number of units shipped by Apple and not necessarily sold.

In spite of its high price and availability in limited quantities and for a long time during the last quarter, but that the phone has achieved great success, but it was less than expectations.

Usually the apple of the vulnerability in the supply chain early November but still managed to add more production lines and access to the proper amounts of demand in late November and throughout December last I even managed to meet the great demand.

It wasn’t the Chinese market. this time, where it is estimated that shipments of the Apple TV from the phone mentioned amounted to 7 million devices only.

Analysts that Apple will include a smaller number of phone during the current and next, other reports said that Apple will stop selling the iPhone x when you launch the second generation of it in September.


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