Apple shipped 600 thousand voice assistant, my home in less than two months

هوم بود آبل

هوم بود آبل

Although Apple did not reveal its sales figures from her assistant audio home HomePod, which in spite of its high price, however, Apple shipped 600 thousand sets during the first quarter of the year according to estimates

This figure source Strategy Analytics research and analysis which refers – if accurate – that the Apple TV you can already of the competition and in fourth place after Google, Amazon and Alibaba in the market of devices audio plugin home.

And Amazon on 43,6% of the market, reaching sales of 4 million devices, while Google’s second share 26.5% sales of 2.4 million devices.

You must take into consideration that Apple started to sell her home on 9 February, i.e. during the period of the report were covered for less than two months, while enjoying the rest of the competition with the longest, as well as the diversity of profiles of different devices that suit different budgets, especially Amazon.

This average figure makes Apple’s already thinking about launching a cheaper version of her home. Although these are just estimates of shipments, not actual sales, but that makes it so bad already because usually the shipping is greater than sales, particularly to Apple TV depends mainly on its stores around the world sell the device, this ignores the sales its website, which can not be accurately monitored also.


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