Apple shows us the new emoji coming to iPhone later this year


Revealed to us Apple today announced some new emoji to be released to all operating systems later this year, including iOS and iPadOS and macOS and WatchOS.

Focus the new set of emoji to a greater diversification of emoji human. This time, I will let you emoji that depict human relationships now select the skin color for two. There are also a lot of new emoji that focus on disabilities, including hearing devices and arms of the mechanism and mechanical wheelchairs and dogs guidance, etc.

Regardless of that emoji, there are also some new animals, including the forest, skunks, sloths, also. Among the foods now onions, garlic, pies, falafel, butter, and. Finally, there are some new clothes, including a sari.

Emoji that we see here are part of the version Emoji 12.0 which was announced a while ago. Not Apple is the first to include this new emoji in their respective operating systems, it has been included this emoji already in both Windows 10 and Twitter, and even Google Inc. has added This new emoji in the demo version of the system Android Q but those who are using operating systems of Apple Inc will be happy because they won’t have to wait for a long time before get these new emoji.

Will be new emoji available to users of operating systems, a subsidiary of Apple TV sometime during the autumn of this year. Generally, you can find the full list of emoticons new here.


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